von HAMID an Sarah...

Ya'll know what this is

Only thing that keeps me up when I'm feelin' down
I don't know about you but I gotta keep mines around cuz
I done looked out and searched and it's hard to find another shorty like mine
baby yes I'm addicted to how we kick it everything you say to me
Never knew it could be so wicked hopin' that you stay wit me
search around the world but you will never find another shorty like mine
shorty like mine

you got a girl but she ain't nothin' like (miiine)
Cute face nice size like (miiine)
Fake kitted hood wit it like (miiine)
Mean walk talk the talk Let me tell you some more

I knew when I ran into this one she would be the redrum of my pimpin'
Knew she would be the one to make me stop caring about other girls
on my jock and gettin' them she was the one to slow me down hold me down
I roll wit her know go wit it now Im'a grow wit it now I'ma go get her thas how
I got her don't be mad you can't get one hotta broke the mold when they made lil' momma
I don't care what my niggas say she been there everyday for my drama Some of the homies
hate cuz they want her wish they the ones thas datin' my woman gone get a good look cuz she fine
and I don't mind cuz she mine

All this love inside of me and all I wanna do is give it to her
I don't care wat the fellas say bout it cuz I got somethin' to say bout it
Wat I'm about to say is straight up real talk no cut I don't play bout' it
There ain't a price u can put on a girl who knows just wat to say when
you need to hear it the most and I'ma tell you somethin' else if
I don't know nothin' else I know

I wanna give her the world and I ain't even tryna lose her
I'm addicted to my girl and the way that she twirks in that little skirt
just for me in the club in the crib in the streets she reps for l-b-dub
e-n-t she a nice size with the pretty brown bright eyes I'm a winner wit the
right prize I'ma give it to her to the rythm of a hi-hat she got a beautiful mind
you can't buy that and the site from behind when she walk on by make a
nigga wanna try that she got the prettiest smile and she gangsta keep me
from runnin' wild and i thank her and we can talk about anything she got
good conversation my homie little friend and plus she patient

ay ay ay uy uy uy hamidddd ich will immer sauer auf dichs einnn aberrrr geht nicht aufeinmal stehst du dann vor mir und sagst man sari mach mal nicht so kleine jaaa... komm schon miezi und dann lachen wir und dann ist alles okay... und als du mir dann heute auch noch die cd geschenkt hast whooom sarah konnte nicht mehr sauer sein...

hab dich lieb mein bester freund :D  ey ihr da draussen

you will never find another shorty like mine 
boy like mine

16.12.06 23:42

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